My Story

The Julie Miles Label is a brand with a passion for bending the rules of fashion and style. At its core is the premise of women blazing their own trails, and dressing in a spirit that defies convention that scoffs at the robotic styles offered by institutional brands.

The journey began growing up on the East Coast of Australia, Julie would flip through the pages of Vogue magazine mesmerized by the haute couture and style that existed outside the small town she grew up in. She lived vicariously through the glossy shots of models in exotic locales wearing the latest trends. Someday, she dreamed. Her zest for life and success brought her to Sydney and Melbourne which held her interest for a while but she realized to grow and succeed she would have to jump ship from Down Under, Like countless other dreamers throughout it’s history, Julie arrived in New York City in the mid-90's with only her bags and her dreams. She thrived in the experimental fashion scene she found in New York and later moved to Los Angeles to immerse herself in the trendy and chic West Coast fashion scene.

Fast forward a few years and in 2001 Julie launched the Julie Miles Label which included pieces that revealed a modern style combined with an exotic color palette and fun decals. "If it's not fun, it's not Julie Miles", a comment you will hear repeated by her friends and peers over the years. Julie draws inspirations for design from her various journeys to Bali, India, China, Thailand, Turkey, Europe, Mexico and many other countries. Her products integrate her keen design eye, worldly travels, knowledge of the fashion industry, and a bold entrepreneurial spirit to create fashion items which reflect chic, sexy and cutting edge couture and accessories.

Today, Julie travels the world to leverage global trends and inspirations that combine with the demands of her local market to create a unique style. On any given day Julie can be anywhere: haggling with fabric salesmen at a Turkish bazaar like a local, sipping Masala chai and sharing jokes with two sisters at a mum-and-dad jewelry operation in Rajastan, shifting into corporate mode to supervise the production of a sensitive project for a large Fortune 500 client in a factory just outside Shanghai, or putting on her design hat and adding the finishing touches to a key embroidery piece with local designers in Bali. Julie leaves no stone unturned as she passionately engages the global marketplace to create fun and sexy products that will pique the interest of even the most jaded fashion horse.

Julie is a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor.